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Pogo alert plus V3 Pogo  alert plus V3 GPS safety camera information system NORTHUMBERLAND
GPS safety camera information system
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About Pogo Alert

Harnessing the power of orbiting GPS satellites Pogo Alert provides total protection against the threat of all fixed speed cameras, mobile laser traps and accident blackspots.
Pogo Alert

Pogo Alert is ready to use - straight from the box. Simply plug the power lead into your vehicle?s cigarette lighter socket and you are ready to go. This plug-and-go ability makes it easy to move Pogo Alert from vehicle to vehicle.

Pogo Alert includes a host of unique and innovative software features, packed into a compact design. Proximity warning is user definable from 200 metres to 2000 metres or from 5-30 seconds. Voice warnings of camera type/speed limit is provided when in the vicinity of a location. Auto mute setting with adjustable "muted" volume is also available.

At each speed camera location the Pogo Alert shows type of speed camera, vehicle speed, speed limit, road number and countdown (metres or seconds) to the speed trap. Unique to Pogo Alert , during SPEC's camera warnings, the unit will display, speed limit of the road, your average speed and your actual speed.

Pogo Alert utlisies the Origin 360 database comprises of the most comprehensive number of location types imaginable, including: Gatso, Truvelo, Watchman, DS-2, Speedcurb, SPECs Average Speed Cameras, Mobile Laser sites, Mobile Camera Vans, Mobile Gatso and Truvelo Camera, Accident Hotspots, High Risk Zones and Schools. Additionally, the database includes the Speed Limits at all of these locations.
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