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Mot hexham northumberland

We have now opened a test centre for class 4 vehicles. Please visit our website for full details.

We also offer a free MOT reminder service. Simple visit the above website and follow the link to our reminder service. Here you can add your vehicles MoT,service,Tax and insurance due dates. You will receive a free text 30 days and then 7 days before your vehicles MOT is due.
You will also receive an email to remind you of the due dates for Mot,service,Tax and insurance 30 days and again 7 days before the due dates.


There are a lot of instances where some garages advertise a low cost Mot then use this as a loss leader to gain extra work. This is one reason we use an independent garage as this takes away any doubts of integrity.

We also send a reminder to you the month your Mot is due as we all know how easy it is to forget the due date so this gives you peace of mind that your vehicle can be booked in before your current Mot expires.
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